Naotsune Alliance


Naotsune Alliance is a provider of strategic investment management services for investments funds, private investors, wealthy families and institutional clients. Naotsune Alliance has a firm grasp on small-to mid-cap companies’ market dynamic and an increased focus on high-growth investment strategies.

Our firm offers discretionary asset management services, making recommendations based on thorough analysis of company leadership and performance. Naotsune Alliance seeks client satisfaction by identifying needs and addressing demand under a clearly articulated investment philosophy and sustainable management style and process.

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Our strong track record and proven commitment to responsible investment does more than just giving us a major competitive advantage. Our active investment approach forms a perfect fit with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration, and we aim to continuously expand and extend our strengths in responsible investing, within the company and in the markets where we are active.

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Our core values define who we are and represent the foundation of everything we do in our business.

  • To deliver high quality financial services and cost-effective solutions to our clients by staying pro-efficient, professional and transparent.
  • To provide a work environment which thrives on diversity, mutual respect and expression of ideas; one that inspires leadership to empower individuals to fulfil their potential, autonomously and as a team.
  • To allow forward-thinking, open-minded creativity to be the driver behind our innovative solutions, beyond formality and convention.
  • To remain integral and frank in all our dealings both within and outside of our organization, placing the highest value on communication and mutual support.
  • To build a sustainable, responsibly-managed and profit-oriented firm, which our clients and partners regard as a reliable and efficient ally.

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We are a unique asset management firm, with broad knowledge and experience in our field, focused on providing outstanding financial services, business transparency and efficient responsiveness.

Vision: We regard client satisfaction as the ultimate index of our performance.

Mission: We promote the importance of laser-guided focus and total accountability when delivering superior market performance, in respect of building long-lasting business relationships.

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Our clientele resides densely throughout Asia Pacific Region, and beyond; thus, our relationships and services span global wide. From assisting a young investor in starting a portfolio best suited for his level of assets to structuring and carrying-out wealth-management strategies, we offer various plans and platforms that adapt to your individual needs and asset level. Your business goals and values, your vision for a secured future, are all vital factors of influence when our team helps you leverage your financial assets and gain value, utilizing in-depth analytic research and customized methodologies of applicability.

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Personalized client-service and support-teams are a hallmark of Naotsune Alliance.

Our most important responsibility to our clients is the provision of sophisticated investment expertise by identifying optimal market engagement structures based on their specific needs. To complement that effort, we balance volume and quality to churn out an exemplary client service and provide each client with a customized long-term team of customer assistance.

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Naotsune Alliance’s business model is focused on investment management. We apply all functions and resources in generating goal-oriented solutions that serve our individual and institutional clients well. Our investment management capabilities spread across all main asset classes: equity, fixed income, currency, commodity and alternative investments. We are also providers of resourceful asset allocation techniques, efficient multi-manager operations and integrated financial planning and customization instruments.

Naotsune Alliance is organized as a collection of teams - each functioning as an entrepreneurial entity within our established organization. Our responsibility is to ensure that the teams rely on sufficient resources when seeking to consistently provide market performance. Our guiding light is client satisfaction and continuity.

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