Naotsune Alliance | Client Approach

Client Approach

Our clientele resides densely throughout Asia Pacific Region, and beyond; thus, our relationships and services span global wide. From assisting a young investor in starting a portfolio best suited for his level of assets to structuring and carrying-out wealth-management strategies, we offer various plans and platforms that adapt to your individual needs and asset level. Your business goals and values, your vision for a secured future, are all vital factors of influence when our team helps you leverage your financial assets and gain value, utilizing in-depth analytic research and customized methodologies of applicability.

At Naotsune Alliance, we believe in being transparent with our fees, and we offer a variety of solutions for your individual or institutional financial needs.

New-wave investors: We aim and prefer to assist from the get-go young families and professionals in starting their financial quest of securing their future. Our expertise turns client potential into financial stability through structured financial planning. We enjoy starting and building business relationships that span decades.

Wealthy Individuals and Families: This represents the core of our business: strategizing portfolios for high-net worth families and individual clients, who have worked hard to build their nest egg. Between the climax of their earning years and their retirement period, we employ our market know-how and strategies that support their financial goals.

We constantly monitor market cycles to optimize portfolio structure, thus developing a customized, yet diversified approach, destined to address client needs, regardless of portfolio size or asset level.

Naotsune Alliance Wealth Management provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to high net worth individuals.

Naotsune Alliance Portfolios services are appropriate for those with less complex needs or smaller portfolios, those who are new to investing, and retirees.

Client Service

Personalized client-service and support-teams are a hallmark of Naotsune Alliance.

Our most important responsibility to our clients is the provision of sophisticated investment expertise by identifying optimal market engagement structures based on their specific needs. To complement that effort, we balance volume and quality to churn out an exemplary client service and provide each client with a customized long-term team of customer assistance.

Client service managers oversee portfolio changes and review client objectives, they secure communication of the established investment strategies, provide reporting requirements and comply with requests for information and research. They lead dedicated groups and teams structured in accordance with client type and region, and communicate directly with portfolio managers to offer optimal response to every individual client need.

To further enhance Naotsune Alliance's client service, our executives work alongside a dedicated team of product specialists. This ensures a thorough response in a swiftly manner by highly experienced professionals to investment information requests from our clients.

We believe that positioning our client service executives to take the lead role in the relationship delivers a greater level of hands-on service and allows Naotsune Alliance portfolio managers to direct all their attention and resources exclusively in service of our top priority - actively managing your money.