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Key Planning Disciplines

Vision & Goals

Our vision is to help you articulate your strengths, values, and financial goals under one unified strategy and there is nothing that we take more seriously. We uphold your interests as we help you formalize your vision by identifying priorities and goals. This is why defining goals and setting priorities is critically important for achieving success.

Through Naotsune Alliance’s Ideal Futures Program we work with you to prepare a personal vision statement. We dedicate all expertise to help you clarify, articulate, organize and prioritize your goals.

Through Naotsune Alliance’s Ideal Financial Outlook we perform an objective and comprehensive analysis of your current portfolio status. The next step is to review and prioritize what aspects of your financial situation need attention. We then formulate and propose optimal planning strategies that aim to engage all investment tools available to you, maximizing diversification and gains. This course of action enables us to build a portfolio that represents your perfect formula of financial security and helps you capitalize on all available opportunities.

Retirement Planning

Our clients desire and pursue certain lifestyles and our structured retirement plan is vital in providing the confidence needed to follow the financial goals and strategies that we designed for meeting their demands. It provides the foundation for a long and relaxed retirement.

Through our Pension Plan Optimization Solutions, we focus on portfolio stability and risk-exposure control while helping you define your ideal retirement context. We keep track and help you review your long-term vision and portfolio; we implement savings-increasing solutions and we generate plans for your sources of income in retirement, all designed to provide you with your desired lifestyle. We formulate various models of pension plans centered on your needs that will occur after you step down into retirement.

Risk Management & Asset Protection

We perfectly understand that your retirement plan should reward your years of hard work invested in building your portfolio rather than simply congratulate the deposit of assets amassed along the way. Therefore, a vital aspect of our approach is to help you protect your wealth and nest-egg by providing a basket of solutions and tools for market engagement optimization. We are entrusted to work with you and guide you when managing your assets so we regularly assess your insurance coverage, making sure that the appropriate steps are followed to protect your interests. Bulletproof insurance plans are established and implemented by our financial experts in order to provide a safety-net that will protect your family and loved-ones against any worst-case scenarios.

We first review your assets and current insurance plan, we then identify the means and coverage, formulating a legal framework, and then proceed to implementation of the resulting strategy, targeting optimal reconciliation between your value and your needs. As we move through all these processes, we distinguish appropriate directions of retirement strategies without overlooking the main plan, which is to ensure that your family and your wealth are adequately protected.

Debt Management

In the hand of our financial experts, debt can be a helpful tool to incorporate in your portfolio structure because it can substantially address diversification needs. Our job is to listen and identify the appropriate level and type of debt for you. Either you express preference towards minimizing or avoiding debt, or you feel comfortable utilizing it strategically, we give careful consideration to each type of debt in view of its purpose, which can vary from repayment terms to tax benefits. By taking this path we can determine with highest accuracy the level of necessity and applicability of debt in your overall plan.

Investment Planning

For our clients, our strategies provide benefits beyond the pragmatic mathematics of “what you put in and what you get out” philosophy. In our view, your investment portfolio is one of the principal means of achieving your vision for the future. This is the reason why we advance a sophisticated approach that will secure and grow your assets. We start by performing a portfolio assessment of your current assets, risks and expenses. Our methodology focuses on identifying the proper risk and return balance for effective diversification, eliminating excess cost, complementing your tax-reduction plan and incorporating adequate liquidity and cash flow tools to meet your expectations.

Business & Succession Planning

Business planning and succession planning are important in maximizing the value of your business. Careful planning and attention to detail are crucial when you are transitioning to a new phase in your life. In order to provide the best strategy and operational assistance, in respect of selling or transitioning your business, we review your financial, tax, insurance, family, and legal aspects as we explore of various scenarios and opportunities.

Charitable Planning

Through hard-work and persistence you have accumulated wealth and now you have the possibility to share it with organizations that support your values. Donating for a noble cause gives you the chance to contribute in making the world a better place, as even the smallest philanthropic gesture can have a positive impact on those in need. We design your charitable strategy in accordance with what you have expressed as being important to you and your family, and we aim to provide a plan that addresses all set-forth goals while also providing income tax benefits. We review charitable strategies that can be leveraged to help you optimize non-charitable goals.